Ultrasonic Thickness Guage

Ultrasonic Thickness GuageModel KM 130D

Ultrasonic Thickness Guage is an intelligent hand held meter which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle, & is controlled by micro processor, provides quick & precise measurement of thickness for most of industrial material. This unit is widely used in various precise measurement for different hard ware / parts in industrial realm; one of its important application is to monitor the level of thickness-decreasing during operation of various & pressure container. Diffusely applied in manufacture fields, metal processing, and commercial inspection. The material that conduct & reflect constant sonic velocity, this product is to be applicable to used.

This unit is suitable for measuring materials that are good ultrasonic conductor such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass etc. As long as the measured part in two parallel surfaces for measurement of thickness. This unit is not suitable for cast iron due to its big crystalloid composition.

Features :
• Sound velocity selection : Unit preset 10 kinds materials velocity inside
• Auto calibration to assure the accuracy
• Auto linear compensation : this advanced software program enhances the precision by correcting the non-linear accuracy of transducer
• Use “VEL” key to make a quick select for the sound velocity of 10 kinds in common use materials
• Coupling status indication : observing the coupling icon to learn if the coupling is accomplished or not.
• Low battery indication
• Auto power off

General Specifications :
Display : 4 digit backlight LCD display
Measuring Range : 1.0 ~ 220 mm (steel)
Accuracy : ±(1%H + 0.1) mm
Resolution : (<100 mm) 0.1 mm
Sound velocity Range : 1000 ~ 9999 m/s
Frequency : 5MHz
Operation temperature : 0 ~ 45 °C
Sensor operation temperature : 0 ~ 60 °C
Minimum limit for Tube measuring : Ф 10mm probe : Ф20x 3mm (steel)
Working Frequency : 5 MHz
Minimum Display unit : 0.1mm
Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating Current : Normal operating current ≤ 50mA with
  backlight turn on current ≤ 120mA; Stand-by Current : ≤ 20µA
Power Supply : 1.5V AA x 3 Alkaline Batteries.
Dimension : 70 x 138 x 31 mm

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