Non - Contact Voltage Detector

Non - Contact Voltage DetectorModel 273 HP

The 273 HP is a Non-contact voltage detector. It has two ranges for selection.The 273 HP consists of an internal pickup sensor, a function selection switch, a visual and a sound annunciator. With the 273 HP, physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary when testing for live lines.

Its sensor senses the radiated field which surrounds live conductors. Radiated field strength increases with voltage and decreases quickly with distance or earth shielding

Some of the typical applications are : non-contact detection of live voltages; find faults in cables; check & detect live high voltage cables; trace live wires; check high frequency radiation; check grounding equipment ; detect residual or induced voltages.

• 2 ranges for selection : LOW 50V ~ 1.5kV HIGH 1.5kV~132kV
• There is no power consumption in off mode : 0mA
• Nice mechanical slide switch for function selection : HIGH / OFF / LOW
• The power consumption in low voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA
• The power consumption in high voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA
• Bright LED and audible alarm sound when voltage is present.
• Lightweight, robust and compact.
• Efficient and easy to use
• Users have to use the Hot Stick when test high voltages between 1.5kV~132kV.
Optional accessories : Hot stick for 3 mtrs Model HSR 121 & Hot stick for 5 mtrs Model HSR 122

Specifications :
Operating temperature : 0°C~40°C
Dimensions : 245(L) x 80(W) x 37(D)mm
Power supply : 9V(6F22) x 1
Weight : Approx. 175g (battery included

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