Programmable Digital Panel Meters


Features :
• Manages sending and receiving signal of multiple Modbus RTU instruments.
• Programmable address for reading data
• Data form: Unsigned Int / Signed Int
• Max.Baud rate: 38400
• Programmable address:1 ~ 255
• With alarm setting and analog output

Range of digital panel meters :
*DMV : AC voltage & setting Digital meter
*DMA : AC Current & Setting Digital Metter
*DMWH / DMQH Watt hour & Varhour Digital Meter
*DMV3 :Digital Programmable AC Voltage Meter ( Triple Diaplay)
*DMA3 : Digital Programmable AC Current Meter (Triple Display)
*DMVA : Microprocessor Voltage & Current Meter
*DMM/DMQ :Watt & Var Digital Meter
*DMWWH/DMQQH : Watt/Watthour & Var/Varhour Digital Meter
*DMPF : Power Factor Digital meter
*DMF: Frequency & Setting Digital Meter
*DME : DC Rate & Setting Digital Meter
*DMS : Current Loop DC Rate & Setting Digital Meter
*DMD : DC Voltage, Current & Setting Digital Meter
*DMB : Load Cell, Strain Gauge & Setting Digital Meter
*DMU: RPM, Speed, Pulse, Length, Fluid & Setting Digital Meter
*DMP: Potentiometer, Level, Position & Setting Digital Meter
*DML: Flow Digital Meter
*DMG : RS-485 Digital Meter

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