Phase Sequence Meters

MODEL - KM 981- MK-1 / KM 855 PR
When connecting any 3 phase equipment to the 3 phase power, the first step is to check the phase sequence of the 3 phase power supply. This instrument is a handy and essential instrument for checking the phase sequence in 3 phase Circuits. When connecting motors, energy meters, watt meters, Power factor meters, Power factor controllers, Power meters etc, it is very important to connect the equipments in proper phase sequence, otherwise the instrument / equipment can be damaged or give incorrect readings. The instrument can also be used to check for open phase( one phase only).

Features :
Description : It is used to measure the Phase sequence (R,Y,B) & Open phase Condition
  through LED and Buzzer.
Operational Voltage : 60 ~ 600V (3 phase AC) (KM-981-MK-1); 200V ~ 600V AC (KM 855 PR)
Dielectric Strength : 2000V / minute (impulse Voltage 4000V) (Model KM-981-MK-1)
Measuring frequency range : 20Hz ~ 400Hz (KM-981-MK-1); 50Hz ~ 60Hz (KM 855 PR)
Time limit for continuous measurement : 60min. at 200VAC, 4 min. at 600VAC (KM-981-MK-1)
Cord : 1.1m each of Red (R), White (S) & Black (T) cord.( KM 855 PR)
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C at 90% Max. R.H.( KM 855 PR)
Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ 40°C at 80% Max. R.H.( KM 855 PR)

Dimension : 85 x 64 x 23mm (excluding the measuring lead) (KM-981-MK-1) 134(L) x 85(W) x 45(D)mm ( KM 855 PR)
Weight : Approx. 200g. (KM-981-MK-1) Approx. 530g. ( KM 855 PR)
Safety : EN61010-1 EN61010-2-31 CAT III 600V. (KM 855 PR)
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