10KV High Voltage Digital Insulation Resistance Tester
With Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio

10KV High Voltage Digital


Special Features

• Variable High Voltage 500V-10kV DC.
• Voltage Steps of 500V.
• Shows Polarization Index (auto)& Dielectric Absorption Ratio.
• Fast Calculation and Display.
• Colour Coded Terminals-Test Leads.
• Warning Voltage Detection.
• Large LCD Display with timer.
• Automatically Stops the Test.
• Automatically Switch tester OFF.
• Works from 8 x C size 1.5V Alkaline Battery.
• Very Low Power Consumption.
• Guard Connection to reduce errors.
• Lightweight, Robust & Compact
• Automatic Discharge of Circuits
• Low Battery Indication.
• Includes AL-50 Red Test Leads (3 meter) as standard, Blue Test lead (1.25 meter) & Green Test lead (1.25 meter).


• The KM 6213A IN is the KUSAM-MECO premium model of High Voltage Digital Insulation Resistance Testers.
• The KM 6213A IN has new added features with a low consumption High Performance processor.
• It displays results much faster and has more advanced features.
• The KM 6213A IN has Automatic Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio Calculations.
• Results are displayed on the new High Contrast LCD. It’s mounting angle makes it more readable for all users,
 in different working conditions.
• The user’s manual reflects the new features and added benefits of this instrument.
• It has Auto-Off, Auto-Stop, EnerSave™ and is a non destructive tester.
• Once you start the tester, it waits for your selection. You can go up and down in voltage to select the voltage at which
  you want to test the insulation. Once you have selected that voltage, you need to connect the test leads to the
  Insulation Tester to measure. Then it measures voltage to ensure there is no voltage present on the equipment under test.
  If there is a voltage present, it will warn you to disconnect the circuit before proceeding. If it’s free of any voltage, then you
  can proceed with the testing. This ensures that no damage is done to the Insulation Tester KM 6213AIN.
• One of the new innovation on this tester is also the way the new unique calibration process works. It’s fully digital,
  has no moving parts and does not require expensive and complicated jigs or computers systems to be calibrated.
  It’s cheaper to maintain than any other Digital HV Insulation tester on the market today. The KM 6213AIN is supplied
  standard with our Premium test Leads Kit, the AL-50.

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