Three Axis RF Field Strength Meter

Model KM 195

This meter is designed for measuring and monitoring Radio-Frequency electromagnetic field strength. The meter is calibrated precisely over the frequency range of 50MHz ~ 3.5GHz. This meter is used to indicate electromagnetic pollution generated artificially, & wherever a voltage or a current, electric(E) and magnetic(H) fields arise. All types of radio broadcasting, Mobile Towers and TV transmitters produce electromagnetic fields, and they also arise in industry, business and the home, where they affect our health even if our sense organs perceive nothing.

General Specifications :
Display : 4½ digit 19999 counts liquid-crystal LCD display
Measurement method : Digital, triaxial measurement
Display value : instantaneous measured value, maximum value, average value, or maximum average value.
Directional characteristic : Isotropic, triaxial.
Display resolution : 0.1mV/m, 0.1μA/m, 0.001μW/m² , 0.001μW/cm ²
Audible alarm : Buzzer.
Units : mV/m, V/m, μA/m, mA/m, μW/m2, mW/m2, mW/cm2
Alarm function : adjustable threshold with ON / OFF.
Manual data memory and read storage : 200 data sets.
Batteries : 9V battery
Battery life : Approx. 15 hours.
Auto power off : default time 15 minutes. Adjustable threshold 0 ~ 99 minutes.
Dimensions : 60(L) x 60(W) x 195(H)mm.
Weight : Approx. 200g. (Including battery)

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