Hot Wire Thermal Anemometer

Model KM 734 MK1

• Measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow.
• Unit conversion of wind velocity, temperature and flow.
• Measurements of maximum and minimum wind velocity..
• Measurements of 2/3 Vmax and average wind flow.
• Data holding, storing and deleting function.
• Low battery indicating function.
• It turn off automatically within 10 minutes if there is no
further operation. it will not turn off automatically if there
is powered by USB source.
• Memory of 350 records.
• Backlight.
• Connecting to PC With USB cable.
• Audio key pressing alert.
• Large LCD display.

General Specifications
Wind Velocity : 0.0-30.0~ 0.0-65
Wind Flow Range :
CMM : 0~999900m³/min
CFM : 0-999900ft³/min
Unit Conversation
Air Temp Range : °C-0.1~ 0.0-45.0; °F-0.1~32.0-113.0
Operation Conditions : Host 0.50°C; Sensor 0.60°C
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ 60°C (40°F ~ 140°F) Humidity less than 80% RH
Power supply : AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery (x4)
Weight : 330g (Not included battery)
Dimension : 77 x 36 x 164mm

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