Grain Moisture Meter

Grain Moisture Meter

Model KM 963G-II

“KUSAM-MECO” Grain Moisture Meter Model KM 963-G-II incorporates the latest technology for determining the moisture in grains. It complements the family of moisture meters for wood (KM 963) & Paper (KM 963P). This meter is capable of measuring the moisture content of multiple grains quickly and accurately and suitable for the transferring, purchasing, storage and processing of grains with its po werful functions .

General Specifications :
Moisture Measurement Range : 2% ~ 50%
Resolution : 0.5%
Gear selection : 9
Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0 °C ~ 40 °C; 0-70%RH.
Low Battery Indicator.
Power Supply : Standard 9V battery.
Weight : Approx.195 g. (includes the measurement probe & battery)
Dimensions: 140×62×38mm for main meter & Φ 10 x 200 mm for probe.

Recommended gear during testing:
1st for wheat.
2nd for millet.
3rd for husked rice.
4th for corn.

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