500A AC/DC Current Clamp Adaptor

MODEL KM CA 500 (2 Functions 5 Ranges )

Special Features :
• Basic Accuracy : 2.0%rdg + 2dgts
• Average Sensing
• CA 500 Current Clamp is a Transducer which will allow your multimeter to measure electrical Current upto 500Amp AC or DC, with a Frequency response upto 400Hz.
• When measuring Current with this Clamp, there is no need to break a circuit or to affect the isolation.
• It can be used for waveform analysis by connecting it to an Oscilloscope.

General Specifications
Jaw Opening Size : 30 mm max.
Measuring Range : 500A AC/DC
Rated Output : 0 to 500mV (AC or DC) for 0 to 500A
Load Resistance : 10 Kµ typical (1mV/A)
Low Battery Indicator : Red LED lighting
Max. wire length : 3.5 meter when fully stretched.
Operating Temperature : 0°C~50 °C; 70% R.H.
Storage Temperature : -2 0°C to 70 °C; 80% R.H.
Power Supply : 9V Battery.
Dimension : 178(L) X 70(W) X 33(H) mm
Weight : Approx. 290 gms

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